Thursday, March 17, 2011

Patrick of Ireland

Today is Saint Patrick's day.  And while, admittedly, most people who celebrate this are probably a bunch of college students planning on getting drunk and missing Friday's classes, there is some truth to learn from the real man commonly called Saint Patrick.

There are two great resources for you to see about the real Patrick of Ireland; not the Catholic picture you have most likely been exposed to.  Both links are by Bro. Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest, of Berean Beacon.  The first is a video produced by Bro. Bennett (about an hour in length) about the Real Saint Patrick, his background and beliefs (and if you know anything about Theology/doctrine you will quickly discern Patrick was anything but a Popish person) and the second is a six page PDF with much of the same information.  Pick your poison and enjoy hear the truth about real saint of God.

The Real Saint Patrick (Video)

The Legacy of the Real St. Patrick (PDF)


Friday, March 4, 2011

On Textual Critcs & Criticism...Pastor Knox

This quote about the irony of textual criticism and the Nicolaitans that practice it is from Pastor James Knox.  I think you'll find it funny, ironic, and true.

"How odd that a man and his friends sit upon antique furniture in a study surrounded by a collection of old books, listen to classic music which is hundreds of years out of date, play "the sport of kings" on great-grandfather's chess board and criticize the Holy Bible (AV) because it contains a dozen old words which are no longer in common speech!!"


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