Monday, November 15, 2010

About That Authorized Version....

  1. The Authorized Version of the English Bible is the best example of English literature that the world has ever seen. (For this reason alone every Christian and every public school student should have to read the AV.)
  2. Everyone who has a thorough knowledge of it may truly be called 'educated.'  No other culture on earth can form a proper substitute. (Maybe this is why the Bible was the main textbook used for years in American public schools to teach reading and grammar.)
  3. We Anglo-Saxons have a better Bible than the French or the Germans or the Italians, or the Spanish.  Our English Bible is even better than the original Hebrew and Greek. (Clearly, Mr. Phelps would not be considered a reputable scholar today, since no "reputable" scholar would believe that you can correct the Greek with the English; only heretics like Peter Ruckman.  Sounds kind of like a UC Berkeley scientist I heard say that no "reputable" scholars believe in creation.)
  4. There is only one way to explain this...I am confident that the Authorized Version was inspired. (Wait...doesn't he know that's double inspiration?)
You might think that these four points come from a modern-day AV defender: Dr. Riplinger, Peter Ruckman, or Sam Gipp.  But if you thought that, you would be wrong.  These four points were stated by William Lyon Phelps in 1922 printed in a book titled Human Nature in the Bible.  Mr. Phelps was Lampson Professor of English Literature at Yale University.


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