Monday, January 10, 2011

About That Archaic King James...

The nicolaitans that constantly knock the Authorized English Bible all have one thing in common; education.  On the surface, there is nothing wrong with education, but when education gets in the way of learning there is a serious problem; one that has caused serious error in the Body of Christ and overthrown the faith of of some (2 Tim 2:18).  Of course not all educated persons are incapable of learning, but the one's that do are no longer considered reputable.  You see this argument a lot in the evolution v. creation debate: if a scientist believes in creation then he is automatically not a reputable scientist.  So here is an "irreputable" scholar, Dr. Gerardus Bouw PhD, on the archaic English in King James:

"...we see the world's languages becoming less sophisticated in time, not more...  Anyone who would take the trouble to find out just why the Authorized Bible used 'odd' phraseology at times would soon be amazed at how much detail, explicitness, and fine structure the English language has lost in the last 400 years.  There is no language in the world which is naturally or evolutionarily improving...  the sentence structures and parts of speech are fast losing distinctiveness."


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