Friday, May 13, 2011

Quotes From Bible Belivers

Quotes from Billy Sunday in Heroes of the Faith series on Billy Sunday

“I want people to know what I mean, and that is why I try to get down to where they live.  What do I care if some juff-eyed dainty little dibbly-dibbly goes tibbly-tibbly around because I use plain Anglo-Saxon words?”  Billy thundered and whispered, roared and joked until more sedate clergy demanded that he “smooth down” his abrasive style.

“BLAH” to the liberal theologians and empty-headed intellectuals!

“Let me tell these loud-mouthed, big vocabulary, foreign-lingo slinging, quack-theory preaching bolsheviki in the pulpits and colleges that I’ll put what I preach to the test any time against what they preach!”

From Life and Sayings of Sam P. Jones

“I’d rather have to learn my A, B, C’s in heaven than to know Greek in hell.”

“He [Sam Jones] took the Bible as his authority.  He preached it just as he found it.  He had no patience with higher criticism.  No evangelist has any business with such a Bible.  Without the utmost faith in the simple word of God, he might preach earnestly and eloquently, but could not produce conviction.  He took the Book just as he found it.

A higher critic said to him once: ‘Mr. Jones, you don’t believe the Bible just as it is, do you?’  His reply was: ‘You fool you, of course I do; how could I believe it as it ain’t?’”


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