Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pastor Peacock on Preaching & Spirituality

The following is an excerpt taken from a sermon titled : Love The Bible.

"The Southern Baptists out preach Independent Baptists when it comes to exposition of scripture.  Independent Baptists are real bad about take verse...and all they do is preach: don't touch, don't taste, don't handle, get a haircut, wear the right clothes, make sure you don't wear this, make sure you do wear that, and all that other kinda junk.  And then turn people into a bunch of cottonpickin' Pharisees...some of you set yourself up as the standard for how everybody ought to live and you come in here and you're looking for everybody who's not dressed like you are, and don't have their kids like your kids.  That brings a rotten spirit with it.  You think that's spirituality?  That's not spirituality; not when you wear it as a badge of honor.  It's not spirituality when you put those clothes on for a job interview.  You're putting it on because you want the job.  You're trying to show them you're not what you really are."


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