Monday, December 19, 2011

KJV Onlyism is Ridiculous

I have come to the conclusion that being King James Only is a ridiculous position.  I have been told this in past by several anti King James people and this position is asserted by those who don't have a stiff enough spine to actually say it.  But after much thinking and careful consideration (which included searching the scriptures), I have no doubt in my mind that I (and you if you are KJVO) hold a position that at the very least can rightly be called ridiculous.

I mean think about it: we believe that the King James is perfect, infallible, and THE final authority.  Some of us even believe that the AV is more authoritative than the Greek & Hebrew; which is even more ridiculous.  I have even heard it said by some KJV only people that the AV is the new Received Text; is that not ridiculous?  But then I started thinking (which is a dangerous thing sometimes):

  • I believe that a virgin gave birth to a baby
  • I believe that God spoke the heavens into existence
  • I believe that the Red Sea literally parted and a bunch of Jews walked through on dry ground
  • I believe that an ass spoke to a prophet
  • I believe that Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh
  • I believe that one day I'm going to walk on streets of gold
  • I believe that one day Jesus Christ is coming back to the earth and will reign from a throne in Jerusalem (according to the USA now, this belief may even make you a terrorist)
  • I believe that Jesus Christ died, was buried, and rose again bodily on the third day
This is just a sampling of the ridiculous things I believe.  So if being KJVO is ridiculous: I'm okay with that.  Just add it to the list of ridiculous things I already believe.

The funny thing is, most of the anti-kjvo people (if they are actually saved) believe all these same ridiculous things.  Is it more ridiculous to believe in the virgin birth or that a Book could actually be perfect?  I'd say believing a virgin had a baby and that baby was God in the flesh is much more ridiculous.  And to believe that it isn't would be, well...ridiculous


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