Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just A Little History

We often forget our heritage, both in the United States and as Baptists.  But here is a quote from Thomas Jefferson (taken from Story of the Baptists); just notice how close America was to becoming a protestant theocracy, either at the state level or the federal level.

"There was a hope confidentially cherished, about A.D. 1780, that there might be a State church throughout the United States, and this expectation was specially cherished by Episcopalians and Congregationalists.  John Adams believed in leaving the matter to the States, each State having its own establishment.  This design it was the work of the Baptists to frustrate.  They did not want the Constitution of the United States, nor of any State, to be made a religious creed, but they were determined to have religious liberty for themselves and all the world."


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