Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prayer Request and Interesting Finding

First I would ask for prayers.  Recently my mother in law, who is a Roman Catholic, approached my wife, who is a former Roman Catholic, about having a conversation with me about why we only use the King James Bible.  The topic came about because she noticed that the KJB was not on the list of approved translations on whatever Catholic website she was viewing.  Nevertheless, their conversation progressed past that issue and onto general Baptist doctrine and why we only follow the Bible.  So I think the conversation may be much more than a quick exposition of why the KJB.  It is also good to know that my mother in-law is not a "no salvation outside the Church", pre-Vatican II Catholic.  She described herself as "Catholic by convenience."  So I feel that there is a real opportunity to start working on her and start to turn her toward the simplicity that is in Christ and away from the system of Popery since lots of the presuppositions of Catholicism do not exist in her mind.  So, please say a quick prayer when you have time and think about it that the Holy Ghost would guide our conversation and especially my words.

Interestingly enough, I was doing some scripture comparison between the KJB and the New Jerusalem Bible, which my mother in-law uses, in preparation for our conversation.  And as I searched some Catholic websites I came across a very ironic issue amongst Catholics: Douay-Rheims Onlyism.  That's right, no joking: Douay-Rheims Onlyism.  I am familiar with the major split amongst the pre and post-Vatican II Catholics, but I had no idea that there was this issue as well; which must be divided amongst those same lines.  Isn't that ironic?  I guess I will wait for James White's sequel to The King James Only Controversy; The Douay-Rheims Only Controversy! ;)


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