Friday, September 17, 2010

About the King James Bible

"Many learned but misguided men have sought to produce translations that should be…in the plain speech of everyday. But the Authorized Version has never yielded to any of them for it is palpably and overwhelmingly better than they are, just as it is better than the Greek New Testament, or the Vulgate, or the Septuagint. Its English is extraordinarily simple, pure, eloquent, lovely. It is a mine of lordly and incomparable poetry, at once the most stirring and the most touching ever heard of."

Wow!  What glowing words for the Holy Bible.  You might think these words came from a tried and true KJV Onlyist, but you would be wrong.  You would be wrong to even think they came from a Christian at all.  These words are the words of H.L. Mencken, an agnostic reporter for the Baltimore Sun that was reporting on the Scopes trial.  Surprised?  You should be.  One has to wonder how an unsaved man like this can see this and "Christians" today cannot.


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