Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ruckman Reference Bible 2nd Edition: A Review

I just received a 2nd Edition Ruckman Reference Bible.  First, lets deal with the cosmetics.  I personally have not handled a 1st Edition model, but I heard the covers were not that good.  If this is true, they have corrected it with the 2nd edition.  The new covers are either cowhide or calfskin; the one I purchased was was the 3-piece calfskin version.  Based upon previous bibles I have purchased, I believe they use Local Church Bible Publishers for the binding.  It has two ribbons and has a generous sized font.

Moving on to the contents, they are numerous to say the least.  There are 118 appendices to the text and, obviously footnotes and center column references in the text as well.  Most helpful in these appendices, in my opinion, are the ones dealing with defending the KJB and the modern corruptions.  I also appreciate a study Bible that does not try to tear down or correct the Bible in the footnotes as this one most certainly does not.  In fact, at most of those classic gnostic omissions (1 John 5:7, last 12 verses of Mark, etc.), there is commentary on the manuscript proof for those verse in the text.

It also has very helpful maps.  In addition to the basic ones included in every Bible, Ruckman includes: The Sykes-Picot Accord, 1892-1918 land proposals, the Balfour Declaration, and many of the wars the Jews fought after that, and the map with the 10 kingdoms as divided by the Club of Rome.

In conclusion, the RRB is worth buying for a Bible believer (if for no other reason than all the pro-KJB information).  As with any study or reference works we must remember that the notes are the OPINION of a man; they are not scripture, they are not THE truth.  Certainly, I don't agree with everything Dr. Ruckman says as with every other study Bible I've owned.  Nevertheless, if you are a bible believer in need of a good reference bible, you won't be disappointed with this one.

3-Piece Calfskin Cover (assumed) by Local Bible Church Publishers

118 Appendices

Intro to each book and generous sized font


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