Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Celebrate Easter!

Yes.  I said it.  I celebrate Easter; unashamedly at that!

What about you? No?  Why? "Because everyone knows it's pagan."  And certainly this is a very close to the statement I get when asked about or am engaging in a conversation concerning Easter.  This is also what I heard growing up in church as well and like most, I believed what I heard.  And of course it must have been true because "everyone knows" that bunnies and chocolate eggs have nothing to do with the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As a King James Bible believer, we know this verse very well as it is one of the first to be pulled out of the hat by cronies of James White et. al. as proof that God's Book is not perfect.  If you have been around these hereticks claims, then you know the standard answer as well, "Herod was celebrating his pagan festival, called Easter, then he was going to deliver Peter to the Jews."  But sometimes we Christians overreact.  Just as we did when evolution exploded onto the scene.  Christians immediately stuck the evolutionary ages in the Genesis 1:1-2 gap unknowingly birthing the heresy of theistic evolution.  Is there a gap between Genesis 1:1-2?  Yes.  Is it billions of years with dinosaurs and men with strangely shaped heads and posture?  No.

I'm afraid the same thing may have happened with the Easter issue.  In an effort to prove the AV1611 perfect by intellectual means (not saying intellectualism is always wrong) a slighting of a historic Christian observance may have taken place.  This is not to say Satanic "celebrations" have not crept into that day or that the timing of Easter is correct due to the switch of the Gregorian calendar.  But it is to say that the word in the English tongue called Easter is Christian at its core.

Stay tuned.


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