Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Straight From the Horses Mouth

We've all heard the saying "get it straight from the the horses mouth."  This is always the best method for getting the truth in any matter in which you have a question.  We know this is true because of that telephone game we all played; by the time the line got to the last person in the class it wasn't even close to what was originally said.

This is what we will attempt to do as best we can concerning this Easter bit.  The English word Easter is not of pagan origin and is most certainly not some transliteration of Ishtar.  The English word Easter was invented by William Tyndale.  Yes you read that right: it was INVENTED by William Tyndale.  If you are reading this, I am going to assume you are a King James Bible believer.  And if this is true, than you more than likely know something about him and how God mightily used him in the purification process of the English scriptures.  This is not to say Tyndale was a perfect man, but certainly not a secret occult worshiper like Wescott & Hort.  After exposing Hislop's "logic" in the last post, combined with this information, the "Easter is pagan" myth is on very shaky ground if it hasn't already fallen through a crack big enough to swallow up Korah.

While we cannot dig up Tyndale and ask just what he meant by this Easter, we can look at his work and determine a few things for ourselves.

  • Tyndale translated the New Testament BEFORE he translated the Old Testament.  This is significant because the word 'pascha' was translated as Easter in English before the word Passover ever existed (Passover was also invented by Tyndale).
  • Tyndale rendered the word Easter (spelled then Ester) in all the places the AV1611 NT now says Passover.
These two facts should worry you a bit if you still think Easter is a pagan word and of pagan origin.  If anyone knows the meaning of the word for sure it is Tyndale, right?  After all it is his word and his usage of the word will allow him to 'speak' to us about how he defined the word.  So lets let his usage define the word for us.  Lets look at how he rendered 1 Corinthians 5:7 - For Christ our ester lamb is offered up for us.  The AV says: ...Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us.  If you really believe Easter is a pagan word, you must believe that Tyndale was saying: ...For Christ our Ishtar lamb or For Christ our pagan diety lamb...  You have to admit, that is the silliest thing you've ever heard.

Better yet, what about Hebrews 11:28 from Tyndale - ...Thorow faith he [Moses] ordained the ester lamb...  Did Moses ordain an Ishtar lamb?

It is clear that the man that invented the word Easter knew of no such definition that has been propelled onto, blindly accepted and parroted by the Body of Christ.


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